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Diversity and equality in dementia care

To ensure equality in the provision of dementia care, NICE and SCIE recommended:

  • Always treat people with dementia and their carer’s with respect;

  • If there is a language barrier, offer:

  • Written information in the preferred language and/or in a format that can be easily accessed;

  • Independent interpreters;

  • Psychological interventions in the preferred language.

Identify specific needs arising from:

  • Diversity (such as sex, ethnicity, age, religion and personal care);

  • Ill health, physical and learning disabilities, sensory impairment, communication difficulties, problems with nutrition and poor oral health;

  • Identify and wherever possible accommodate preferences (such as diet, sexuality and religion), particularly in residential care.

The increasing incidence of dementia as a result of the ageing population means practitioners will need to develop and improve communication skills in caring for people with this condition. The CSCI (2008) report indicates areas where communication could be improved in order to have a positive effect on patients’ quality of life and well-being.

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