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MRC Prion Unit
From fundamental research to prevention and cure

2003 Publications

Early onset familial Alzheimer's disease - Mutation frequency in 31 families
Janssen JC, Beck J, Campbell TA, Dickinson A, Fox NC, Harvey RJ, Houlden H, Rossor MN, Collinge J.  Neurology 2003; 60: 235-9.

Phenotypic variability in the brains of a family with a prion disease characterized by a 144-base pair insertion in the prion protein gene
King A, Doey L, Rossor M, Mead S, Collinge J, Lantos P.  Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol 2003; 29: 98-105.

A quantitative, highly sensitive cell-based infectivity assay for mouse scrapie prions
Klohn P, Stoltze L, Flechsig E, Enari M, Weissmann C. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2003; 100: 11666-71.

Prion diseases
McKintosh E, Tabrizi S, Collinge J.  J Neurovirol 2003; 9: 183-93.

Subclinical prion infection in humans and animals
Hill AF, Collinge J. Brit Med Bulletin 2003; 66: 161-70

A 38-year-old man with a 9 month history of neurological and cognitive impairment
Collinge J, Brandner S, Kennedy A, Rossor M, Smith P, Stevens J, Rudge P. Lancet Neurol 2003; 2: 189-94

Monoclonal antibodies inhibit prion replication and delay the development of prion disease
White AR, Enever P, Tayebi M, Mushens R, Linehan J, Brandner S, Anstee D, Collinge J, Hawke S. Nature 2003; 422: 80-3

Molecular and clinical classification of human prion disease
Wadsworth JD, Hill AF, Beck JA, Collinge J. Br Med Bull 2003; 66: 241-54

Wnt signalling inhibits neural differentiation of embryonic stem cells bycontrolling bone morphogenetic protein expression
Haegele L, Ingold B, Naumann H, Tabatabai G, Ledermann B, Brandner S. Mol Cell Neurosci 2003 Nov; 24 (3):696-708

Molecular classification of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Hill AF, Joiner S, Wadsworth JD, Sidle KC, Bell JE, Budka H, Ironside JW, Collinge J. Brain 2003; 126: 1333-46

Balancing selection at the prion protein gene consistent with prehistoric kuru-like epidemics
Mead S, Stumpf MP, Whitfield J, Beck J, Poulter M, Campbell T, Uphill J, Goldstein D, Alpers MP, Fisher E, Collinge J.
Science 2003; 300: 640-3..

Depleting neuronal PrP in prion infection prevents disease and reverses spongiosis
Mallucci G, Dickinson A, Linehan J, Klohn P, Brandner S, Collinge J. Science 2003; 302: 871-4.

Regional heterogeneity of cellular prion protein isoforms in the mouse brain
Beringue V, Mallinson G, Kaisar M, Tayebi M, Sattar Z, Jackson GS, Anstee D, Collinge J, Hawke S. Brain 2003; 126: 2065-73.

Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: pathology, epidemiology, and public health implications
Trevitt C, Singh PN. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2003; 78: 651S-6S.

Bioassays for prions
Hill A, Asante EA, Collinge J. In: Nunnally KB, Krull IS, eds. Prions and Mad Cow Disease. Marcel Dekker, Inc New York, 2003: 151-79.

Subclinical prion infection
Hill AF, Collinge J. Trends in Microbiology 2003: 578-84.