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MRC Prion Unit
From fundamental research to prevention and cure

2004 Publications

Update on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Mallucci G, Collinge J.   Curr Opin in Neurobiol 2004; 17: 641-7

The residue 129 polymorphism in human prion protein does not confer susceptibility to CJD by altering the structure or global stability of PrPC
Hosszu LL, Jackson GS, Trevitt C, Jones S, Batchelor M, Bhelt D, Prodromidou K, Clarke A, Waltho JP, Collinge .
J Biol Chem 2004; 279: 28515-21

Prion strains and species barriers
Hill AF, Collinge J. Contrib Microbiol 2004; 11: 33-49

Identification and characterization of a novel mouse prion gene allele
Lloyd S, Thompson SR, Beck J, Linehan J, Wadsworth JD, Brandner S, Collinge J, Fisher E. Mamm Genome 2004; 15: 383-9

Somatic and germline mosaicism in sporadic early-onset Alzheimer's disease
Beck J, Poulter M, Campbell TA, Uphill JB, Adamson G, Geddes JF, Revesz T, Davis MB, Wood NW, Collinge J, Tabrizi S.
Hum Mol Gen 2004; 13: 1219-24

Pathogenic human prion protein rescues PrP null phenotype in transgenic mice
Asante E, Li YG, Gowland I, Jefferys JG, Collinge J. Neurosci Lett 2004; 360: 33-6

PrPSc binding antibodies are potent inhibitors of prion replication in cell lines
Beringue V, Vilette D, Mallinson G, Archer F, Kaisar M, Tayebi M, Jackson GS, Clarke A, Laude H, Collinge J, Hawke S.
J Biol Chem 2004; 279: 39671-6

Analysis of 2000 consecutive UK tonsillectomy specimens for disease-related prion protein
Frosh A, Smith LC, Jackson CJ, Linehan J, Brandner S, Wadsworth JD, Collinge J. Lancet 2004; 364: 1260-2

Disease-associated prion protein elicits immunoglobulin M responses in vivo
Tayebi M, Enever P, Sattar Z, Collinge J, Hawke S. Mol Med 2004; 10: 104-11

Characterization of two distinct prion strains derived from bovine spongiform encephalopathy transmissions to inbred mice
Lloyd S, Linehan J, Desbruslais M, Joiner S, Buckell J, Brandner S, Wadsworth JD, Collinge J. J Gen Virol 2004; 85: 2471-8

A presenilin 1 R278I mutation presenting with language impairment
Godbolt AK, Beck J, Collinge J, Garrard P, Warren JD, Fox NC, Rossor MN. Neurology 2004; 63: 1702-4

Frontotemporal Dementia linked to chromosome 3
Brown J, Gydesen S, Johannsen P, Gade A, Skibinski G, Chakrabarti L, Brun A, Spillantini M, Yancopoulou D, Thusgaard T, Sorensen A, Fisher E, Collinge J. Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord 2004; 17: 274-6

Human prion protein with valine 129 prevents expression of variant CJD phenotype
Wadsworth JD, Asante E, Desbruslais M, Linehan J, Joiner S, Gowland I, Welch J, Stone L, Lloyd S, Hill AF, Brandner S, Collinge J.
Science 2004; 306: 1793-6