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MRC Prion Unit
From fundamental research to prevention and cure

2005 Publications

Molecular neurology of prion disease
Collinge J. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 2005;76(7):906-19.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and Other Prion Diseases. In: O'Brien JT ADBA, editor
Collinge J. Dementia. 3rd ed. 2005. p. 763-76.

The neuropsychology of variant CJD: a comparative study with inherited and sporadic forms of prion disease.
Cordery RJ, Alner K, Cipolotti L, Ron M, Kennedy A, Collinge J, Rossor MN
Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 2005;76(3):330-6.

Lymphocyte contamination of laryngoscope blades - a possible vector for transmission of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Hirsch N, Beckett A, Collinge J, Scaravilli F, Tabrizi S, Berry S
. Anaesthesia 2005;60(7):664-7.

Prion disease incubation time is not affected in mice heterozygous for a dynein mutation
Hafezparast M, Brandner S, Linehan J, Martin JE, Collinge J, Fisher EM
. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Jan 7;326(1):18-22.

Definable Equilibrium States in the Folding of Human Prion Protein
Hosszu LL, Wells MA, Jackson GS, Jones S, Batchelor M, Craven CJ, Waltho JP,
Collinge J. Biochemistry 2005;44(50):16649-57.

An enzyme-detergent method for effective prion decontamination of surgical steel
Jackson GS, McKintosh E, Flechsig E, Prodromidou K, Hirsch P, Linehan J, Brandner S, Weissmann C,
Collinge J.
J.Gen.Virol. 2005;86(Pt 3):869-78

High Levels of disease related prion protein in the ileum in variant Creutzfeldt-jakob disease
Joiner S, Linehan JM, Brandner S, Wadsworth JD,
Collinge J. Gut 2005;54:1506-8.

Recombinant prion protein does not possess superoxide dismutase activity
Jones S, Batchelor M, Bhelt D, Collinge J, Jackson GS
. The Biochemical Journal 2005;392(Pt 2):309-12.

Protein conformation significantly influences immune responses to prion protein
Khalili-Shirazi A, Quaratino S, Londei M, Summers L, Tayebi M, ÿ, Hawke SH, Jackson GS,
Collinge J. J.Immunol. 2005;174(6):3256-63.

PrP glycoforms are associated in a strain-specific ratio in native PrPSc
Khalili-Shirazi A, Summers L, Linehan J, Mallinson G, Anstee D, Hawke S, Jackson GS,
Collinge J. J.Gen.Virol. 2005;86(Pt 9):2635-44.

Disease-related prion protein forms aggresomes in neuronal cells leading to caspase-activation and apoptosis
Kristiansen M, Messenger MJ, Klohn PC, Brandner S, Wadsworth JD, Collinge J, Tabrizi SJ
Journal of Biological Chemistry 2005;280(46):38851-61

Genetic Susceptibility to Prion Diseases in Humans and Mice
Lloyd SE,
Collinge J. Current Genomics 2005;6:1-11.

Rational targeting for prion therapeutics
Mallucci G,
Collinge J. Nat.Rev.Neurosci. 2005;6(1):23-34.

A Detergent-Enzyme Method of Effective Prion Decontamination of Surgical Steel
McKintosh E, Jackson G, Flechsig E, Prodromidou K, Hirsch P, Linehan J, Brandner S, Clarke A, Weissmann C,
Collinge J.
Journal of General Virology (2005), 86, 869–878

Questionnaire to reduce the risk of iatrogenic prion disease transmission.
Mead S, Prout K, Colling J
. The Journal of Hospital Infection 2005;60(4):378-9.

An aneuploid mouse strain carrying human chromosome 21 with Down syndrome phenotypes
O'Doherty A, Ruf S, Mulligan C, Hildreth V, Errington ML, Cooke S, Sesay A, Modino S, Vanes L, Hernandez D, Linehan JM, Sharpe PT, Brandner S, Bliss TV, Henderson DJ, Nizetic D, Tybulewicz VL, Fisher EM
. Science 2005;309(5743):2033-7.

Tonsil Biopsy in the investigation of suspected variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease - a cohort study of 50 patients
Siddique D, Kennedy A, Thomas D, Wroe S, Stevens J, Wadsworth J, Brandner S, Linehan J, Joiner S, Jones J, Frosh A, Hill D, Tolley N, Rossor M,
Collinge J. Journal of Neurological Sciences 2005;238(S1-S570).

Mutations in endosomal ESCRTlll-complex subunit CHMP2B in frontotemporal dementia
Skibinski G, Parkinson N, Brown J, Chakrabarti L, Lloyd S, Hummerich H, Nielsen J, Hodges JR, Spillantini MG, Thusgaard T, Brandner S, Brun A, Rossor M, Gade A, Johannesen P, Sorensen SA, Gydesen S, Fisher EMC,
Collinge J. Nature Genetics 2005;17(8):806-8.

PRION-1 Trial:Therapies for human prion disease
Wroe S, Thomas D, Rossor M, Walker A, Keogh G, Siddique D, Webb T, Pal S, Darby shire J,
Collinge J.
Journal of the Neurological Sciences 2005;238(Supplement 1):S1-S570